Sector:                                   Education

Location:                              London, UK

Size:                                           887sqm

Client:       Havering Sixth Form College


Havering Sixth Form College has a mixed stock of buildings. some of the post 1991 buildings are in very good condition and provide an excellent environment for education. The college is very proud of their recently refurbished 1930's Dury Falls School building. However, they are still operating in some Huts, a ROSLA building and a HORSA Hut.

Completed in 2013, the proposal consists of a two-storey extension abutting the south side of the existing sports hall to house the Sports, Travel and Tourism department.

The scheme provides 887sqm of accommodation that includes a gym, ICT classrooms, storage areas, a staff room, a small group room and flexible classrooms with movable partitions which will help cater for exams.